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I'm an Aspiring Web Developer!

📜 Dear recruiter!

My name is Risto, I am currently 24 years old and my dream has always been to have a career in some IT field. In the summer of 2022, I obtained my bachelor's degree at TalTech, specializing in computer systems/hardware development and programming, where the main focus was on the planning, design, development and maintenance of computer-based information processing and electronic systems and various control and communication systems, so I can finally show a certificate that proves I know at least a little bit about computers. 😎

However, it is not that important, since I have actually been more dedicated to web development on the side of school, and am currently looking for new challenges as a web deve­loper. 👨‍💻

As of my experience - I have been working as a full-time developer for almost 2 years now in the web agency vDisain, where I have developed numerous websites and e-shops mainly in Wordpress. In vDisain, I haven't had one specific role, such as "front-end developer", there I have usually had to deal with every issue by myself, which basically means to be a front-end, back-end developer, system administrator (deal with different servers and domains), designer, SEO and an optimization/security expert all together - so I am confident to say that it has developed me a lot and that I am a more valuable web developer because of it. Nevertheless, I certainly still have some things to learn and I try to perfect my skills every day. I have also developed various projects as a freelance web developer in my own company.

List of projects developed by me:

I am passionate about designing & building beautiful responsive web appli­cations.

🧑‍💻 More about me

I try not to limit myself with a single stack, my goal is to improve in every possible way by learning new web technologies, I am already familiar with several with programming languages / libraries / frameworks / platforms - definitely stronger in the front-end (it is also more interesting to me, because I like to see the result of my work immediately and I also enjoy designing a lot), mainly I have learned React.js and built different projects with it. My main goal is to someday reach the status of an experienced full-stack developer, and I am constantly working on it.

Technologies I am familiar with:

Fun fact - when I’m not working, I am also a DJ, an entrepreneur, an investment enthusiast, a book lover, a football player and I enjoy going to the gym, so I am not quite an ordinary computer guy either.

In any case, I consider myself a team player, a hard-working and adaptable person who always has the desire to learn and improve myself and to do my best to bring value to your company, if you gave me the opportunity. 🤝

📩 My contacts

Portfolio website: ristotoldsep.eu

My work: See my projects

LinkedIn: Risto Tõldsep

Email: ristotoldsep­@gmail.com

Phone: +372 56894570

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